Meta Learning

Meta learning is the process by which learners gain awareness and control of their own habits of perception, inquiry, and growth.

In 2013 I took Leadership Calgary, a program designed to strengthen the capacities needed to address 21st century challenges through the development of a meta-learning framework.

The Human Venture Institute is the parent organization that runs the Leadership Calgary, Leadership Edmonton, and the HVI Path Finding programs. A core component of their work is in developing a meta learning framework taking lessons from life systems and the combined striving, achievement, and failure across cultures, fields of endeavour, and periods of history.

Meta learning requires us to draw on the collective human record of striving, achievement and failure in order to identify our most significant challenges. To meet these challenges, especially challenges we don’t yet see, understand, or care about, we must build our capacities to detect and correct ignorance and error to avoid waste, suffering and injustice.